Tadpole Balance Bike .                                     £115

Tadpole Plus Balance Bike                              £135

Frog 43 First Pedal Bike                                   £239

Frog 48 Second Pedal Bike                              £249

Frog 52 First Geared Bike                                £299

Frog 55 Hybrid Bike                                          £309

Frog 62 Hybrid Bike                                          £329

Frog 69 Hybrid Bike                                          £339

Frog 73 Hybrid Bike                                          £349

Frog 58 Road Bike                                             £425

Frog 67 Road Bike                                             £445

Frog 70 Road Bike                                             £465


Why buy a Frog bike?

We've been consistently impressed with these little bikes, and it seems that the children, parents and media are too - if you're not sure, just google Frog bikes and take in all the reviews!  From our perspective, just a few points on why we're delighted to stock them.

They're light.  It means little people can quickly learn balance, they are safer on the bike (less wobbles), and they go further before they get tired.  That's particularly good if you were hoping for a bit more fun family time together.

They're reliable.  Having sold many, many Frog bikes since Frog introduced them, we spend the time to set them up properly and the result is that we see less than 1% of bikes back for any kind of warranty work or issues.  If only other bike manufacturers could work to that standard!  The last thing you want is for those precious times with the children to be spoilt by bike problems.

They're great value.  One of the things we sometimes hear is 'they're expensive'.  Yes, they do cost a little more than the standard mass produced bikes, but a slightly bigger upfront investment pays you back.  After 18 months - 2 years (typically the 'growth life' of a child's bike), we find that most of them get passed on to smaller family members , often two or three times.  And when you've finished with your Frog bike, the second hand value is incredibly good - depending on condition, that may be half the original price.  Compare that to the £10-£15 you might get for most other used childrens bikes and it really starts to make sense.  We're also part of the Leapfrog scheme, so the outgrown bike can be used as a part exchange towards a bigger new one.

With Frog bikes being popular, and little people too excited to wait we aim to keep a good stock, including the Team Sky editions and both road and hybrid/off-road type bikes.  Availability of Frog bikes can get very tight at some times in the year, (Christmas and Summer) and we may not have all the colours available but we do often have stock when Frog themselves don't!  Please contact us well in advance if you have a specific timing requirement for a bike (perhaps a birthday or Christmas)

If you are interested in one of these bikes, please pop in to have a look or call us on 01299 488130 to purchase or leave a deposit to secure one. Please note - we do not shipped boxed Frog bikes.  We want your child to be correctly fitted on a bike which is fully assembled and checked for their safety and maximum riding fun.   Accordingly, we do the final assembly, inspecting, checking and adjusting of each bike in our own workshop - collection is in-store only. 

Frog BIKES - All sizes now in Showroom to try for size