2016 Marin Bolinas Ridge 7.2, entry level quality mountain bike. 19" (L) 17" (M) & 15" (S) only New price £425                                Now £349

​2017 Marin Nail Trail 6.  Another review winning bike, this hardtail doesn't fail to reward your riding.  Was £1100                         Now £695

​2017 Marin  Nail Trail 7.  As above, but with even better spec inc dropper post and Rockshox Yari fork.  Was £1495                      ​Now £1095

Gravel Bikes

​2017 Marin Gestalt 2 (Silver)  Superb 'go anywhere' road/ tourer/commuter bike.  Strong wheels, disc brakes & lightweight

alloy frame make a very versatile bike.   56cm (large) / 54cm (med) only                                       New price £1100                           ​ Now £749


2017 Pashley Pathfinder Gravel Bike in green.  Made in England!  Striking bike with internal geared hub and retro styling

but very up to date performance.  One only, 56cm (Large) .  Original price £1495                                                                                Now £995

Road Bikes

​2017 Tifosi Scalare Carbon.  We have a few remaining of this award winning frameset, which can be custom built into 

a very fine road bike indeed.  Mark's own favourite, the Scalare has been his race bike this year.  Custom build options           from£1095



It's not our style to have inflated prices for a month and then massive discounts.  We work on the basis of providing fair and competitive pricing all year round backed by excellent service.  So you won't be left wondering whether any discount was real or the original price was double what it should have been.  When we have a sale, these are genuine discounts on bikes, frames and components which it's time to move on - they still have the same warranty and support as any other item we sell, but may be ex-display models, end of year over-stocks or other items that will be replaced in the showroom.    Accordingly, these are very often 'one-only' items including ex-display, ex-demo and part exchanged bikes.  This is no fake sale - many of these items are at prices below our cost.  So take a look - there may be something which may fit your timing and needs, but be better than you were expecting for the budget available.  And yes - these are one offs, when they are gone they are gone.

Sale BIKES - When it's gone it's gone !

Please call on 01299 488130 to confirm availability & reserve