Overspoke Bikes has a well equipped workshop with both Cytech technicians and degree qualified engineers to ensure that your bike receives the best treatment to ensure safety, performance and longevity.  We're equipped to do more than the average bike shop, in that you'll see a full size bearing press and lathe in our workshops as well as the more specialist bike repair and rebuilding tools.  It's not unusual for us to make or modify a part if the component required is no longer available.  We also carry out suspension servicing and repairs, including many makes and models of fork.  As well as being the European Service Centre for Wrensports Suspension, we have the qualifications and specialist tools  to service Rockshox, Fox, X-Fusion, Marzocchi, and Manitou. 

When you bring your bike in, we'll spend a few minutes with you to understand what you would like done, and we'll make some quick checks and measurements to give you an outline of what we recommend, and the likely cost and timing.  We won't embark on any additional work without your permission. 

For routine work and servicing, we do ask you to book in advance on 01299 488130, as generally the workshop is fully booked 1 to 2 weeks ahead.  However, we do aim to allow some flexibility for urgent repairs as we know what it's like to be without your bike when you want to ride it!

Servicing Menu                                                                                                                                            All prices include vat, parts not included.

Standard labour rate                                                                                                                                                      £45.00 / hr

Minimum workshop charge                                                                                                                                          £15.00

Check and adjust service - make sure your bike is safe and everything is working as it should                       £45.00

Full service.  Road, Hybrid or Mountain bikes (see details below)                                                                          £69.95

E-Bike Service (including diagnostic and software update where applicable)                                                      £89.95

Fork lower leg service & oil change                                                                                                                              £45.00

Fork full service                                                                                                                                                    from   £77.95

Rear shock air can service and replace DU bushes                                                                                                   £39.95

Rear shock full service and re-gas                                                                                                                    from   £95.00

Full build from new components                                                                                                                     from   £140.00      

Pre-race or pre-tour check                                                                                                                                            £45.00

Race preparation - road bike                                                                                                                            from   £45.00

Race preparation - mountain bike                                                                                                                   from   £45.00

Wheels :

Setting tyres up from tubed to tubeless *(see below)                                                                                 from   £12.00 / wheel

Single wheel build  (standard 3x spoke pattern)    - please ask about other spoking options                         £25.00

Build or rebuild front and rear wheelset (standard 3x pattern)                                                                            £45.00

*Full service - includes 1/ Checks on static components. 2/ Check, clean, lubricate and adjust open bearings (includes dropping forks and lubricating headset, replace bearings as necessary), check clean and lubricate all other bearings as necessary. 3/ Disassemble transmission & gears, deep clean, reassemble, readjust and lubricate.  Replace worn components as necessary  4/ Check and adjust brakes, replace worn pads as necessary. 5/ Check and make minor adjustments to wheel true. 6/ Check tyres and adjust inflation pressure as required (top up sealant on tubeless tyres) 6/ Check suspension for function (if applicable), externally lubricate. 7/ Road test.  Additional charges apply for other operations, including cable replacement on internally routed frames.

*Setting tyres up tubeless varies depending on components.  The £12 / wheel cost is based on starting with your tubeless ready wheels and tubeless tyres, If tubeless valves, tape and sealant are required, these are charged separately.

Service, Repair and Maintenance